Branding / Shirt Design

While in school at College of Charleston, my younger brother helped start a student-run Climbing Club. They operated out of the only climbing gym in town, a tiny family-owned bouldering-only spot––the same place where I first fell in love with the sport. Immediately, they started entering (and crushing) regional bouldering competitions and making a name for themselves. 

Every good team needs a good uniform. I worked with the club to design a logo they could wear on shirts and gear to let everyone know that some scrappy kids from the coast can climb just as hard as, if not harder than, anyone else.

CofC Climbing Club-01.jpg
CofC Climbing Club-02.jpg
CofC shirt front.jpg
CofC shirt back.jpg
CofC CC shirt lifestyle 4.png
CofC CC shirt lifestyle 2.png
CofC CC shirt lifestyle 3.png
CofC CC shirt lifestyle 5.png