Branding / Web Design // Done at New Kind

Raleigh Little Theatre has been around since 1936. Their name may have changed since then, but their mission has always been to use theatre to educate, entertain and engage the local community of volunteers, students and audiences.

RLT came to New Kind seeking a brand evolution, rather than a revolution. They knew they needed to update their identity and 20-year-old website, but wanted to make sure they could preserve the history-steeped heart and soul that their community has grown to love.

Their logo mark, which is based on an original sculpture from their campus, represents the masks of Comedy and Drama. We redrew it (many, many times) with a digital focus in mind, and designed a new visual system to support it. We also restructured their website's entire information architecture and redesigned it from scratch. The result was a completely refreshed brand that retained its beloved charm and set up RLT to take on the future.

RLT_logo evolution.jpeg
RLT Web Mockup.jpg