Scenario Records

Creative Direction / Branding / Promotion / Album Art

When I was in school a few good friends of mine started an independent record label and asked if I would join as Creative Director. What followed was one of the most fun and rewarding passion projects I've ever participated in.

I helped Scenario Records develop a logo and visual identity that captures the essence of a hometown, grassroots label with an eclectic line-up of artists. We produced shirts, stickers, posters, and a website, all leading to a showcase concert that riled up the entire art and music community in Columbia, SC.

As part of the project, I also designed the album art for one of Scenario's bands, electronic R&B duo Tiger Hudson. Their debut EP, Burn, was one of the first records produced by the label.

scenario electric box 2.jpg
Tiger hudson case front.jpg
TH case interior.jpg
TH case back.jpg
TH case spine.jpg